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University of Toronto email on the Android email client

This post will provide you with quick and dirty instructions for setting up the Android email client (simply called “Email” in your App Launcher) with your University of Toronto email account. Ready?

1. Fire up the Android Email client app.
2. Press the Menu button on your Android device.
3. Choose “Add Account”.
4. Fill in your full email address (john.doe@utoronto.ca) and current password.
5. Choose the “Manual Setup” button (it will become available after you have filled in your email and password).
6. Pick an IMAP account.
7. For your username, do not use your email address. Use the username for portal login instead, without specifying a domain (so just “doejhon” and *not* “jhon.doe@utoronto.ca” !)
8. To fill in the “server” field, get the address of the mailserver hosting your account from your UTor ID Information Page ( https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/cgi-bin/utorid/info.pl ). It will appear as “mailbox###.utcc.utoronto.ca” and different mailboxes reside on different servers. We need to know yours.
9. Choose SSL for encryption.
10. Choose port 993 (if it was not chosen automatically).
11. Click “Next”.
12. Use same username/password as for incoming mail in step #7.
13. Enter the SMTP server as “smtp.utoronto.ca”.
14. Choose TLS encryption.
15. Choose port 587.

You are done. Faculty spam (along with the odd useful message) will now begin flowing to and from your Android device!



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