MediaTomb on the Ben Nanonote

What can I say, the title speaks for itself. As no big surprise, the most versatile piece of UPnP streaming media servers out there, MediaTomb, is humming along with no problems on Qi Hardware’s Ben Nanonote. Real world usage scenarios could include using the Ben as a little DJ in parties by streaming to VLC or other UPnP supporting players, or other wild fantasies Ben owners might have. The best news here is that there is absolutely no brain work involved. I simply had to fire up the network connection on the Ben, grab the right hard linked binary, untar it and run. All of this can be done directly from the Nanonote (once it’s online):

# wget
# tar vxzf mediatomb-static-0.11.0-r2-linux-uclibc-mips32el.tar.gz
# cd ./mediatomb
# ./

To automate, add this to /etc/rc.local and make it executable, but remember MediaTomb must be started from the mediatomb folder.

Once started, media tomb can be accessed on port 49152 with your browser. For me, this translates to and looks like this:

MediaTomb on Nanonote

MediaTomb on Nanonote

So far, it’s an awesome remote file browser, and as soon as I can get VLC to compile on my Slackware, it’s party time!


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