Qi’s XBurst Tools from source

This post will provide a quick how to on setting up Qi’s XBurst Tools from source, needed to flash their Nanonote. The kind folks from Qi got the source from Ingenic, and with it the lovely toolkit used for USB booting the Nanonote, which in turn allows to flash it.

Now, it’s worth mentioning this is not normally needed, because Qi provide binaries and Debian packages.

If you do wish to go from source, here’s what you’ll need: Linux with a build environment, libusb-dev and libconfuse-dev

My distro (Slackware13  64) had the first 2 in place. I only had to get libconfuse and build it from source. It worked as advertised.

Then, I got the source from the Qi repository. It too worked as advertised. (read: downloaded, compiled and installed).

However, despite having successfully built USBBOOT I could not actually boot the Nanonote, because my AMD64 targeted Slackware’s GCC had not MIPS support. So while it could compile the toolkit, it could not, by definition, compile the target boot image for the XBurst. The only way currently to circumvent this is to get the files from another machine (the boot images contain 2 stages, which you may just download here: xburst_stage1.bin and xburst_stage2.bin), or from the Debian package, as the submitted Debian bug suggests . They should be placed in /usr/local/share/xburst-tools . Currently, those are the only 2 pieces that can’t be built from source on your average Linux desktop, but as you’ve just seen, the best solution is quick and dirty.


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  1. Ernest Kugel

    The links for the binary boot stages were down for a while, but they are back up now, taken from the latest Debian package. Enjoy!

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